Katie grew up on a diet of Christian music, Kenny G, and Disney songs. As she entered high school she discovered jazz music and pop opening a whole new passion for music.

Though she has been singing since the age of four on stage, it wasn’t until she was heard singing at her then current job in a retirement community that she began singing professionally. She has recorded with Kenny Loggins and Lois Mahalia and currently performs around Santa Barbara with Brian Mann. If you’re lucky you will wind up at a birthday party where she will be playing a Disney princess!

Katie loves how music impacts the deepest parts of our selves with a way that nothing else can. Her truest desire is to keep music in it’s correct perspective… it should be a gift, given without wanting anything in return.

To contact her for more information on where her next performance will be or for any other inquires, feel free to contact her by the email provided or by simply sending her a message through this site.

My Story
My Story



“Music is the language of emotion, crafted as an attempt to reveal what cannot be expressed through words. Music melts away those barriers we erect between each other and even within ourselves. Music is the key to connecting with those around us, throwing aside typical limits. I’m so thankful I am able to be a part of such a powerful language.”