SOho Nights

What an amazing night at SOhO! I had imagined the evening being fun, but I couldn’t believe how much of a blast we had! From the first song I knew we were in for a magical night as I was blown away by the joy from the crowd.

Something always seems to creep up to sabotage a night like this, and this night was no exception with Brian’s cold trying to keep us subdued. But after a bowl of soup backstage, and a killer band picture with Erin, our guest violinist, we were ready to rock!

We’ve played these songs a dozen times, but somehow they came alive up on the stage that has held so many artists and their raw lyrics. And what a treat to share two of our original songs with a room full of our favorite people.

We can’t wait to be back, which we will be, with a tentative date in January. See you all soon!